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 Thompson Boat Center near Washington DCThompson Boat Center in Washington, DC
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Thompson Boat Center near Washington, DC
 Welcome to Thompson Boat Center near Washington, DC
Whether you're looking to explore great national monuments, experience peaceful moments reflected in calm waters or learn a new skill and get fit, Thompson Boat Center is your destination in our nation's Capital. We invite you to Kayak, Canoe, Row or Bicycle to your hearts content in and around Washington, DC.


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What's Happening at the Thompson Boat Center

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Happy New Year Rowers! Our 2016 program & lesson scheduling is coming soon. We apologize for the delay. Please check back in mid-February for updates to the schedule of programs and lessons. Please LIKE us on Facebook as we will also notify our guests via social media the availability of our schedule.


WE ARE OFFICIALLY CLOSED FOR THE SEASON and accessible by appointment only. Please contact us at

A fish leaps free of the water, the young hawk perched high in a tree on Roosevelt Island catches sight and swoops lifting her breakfast from the Potomac.

One of the many reasons to paddle or row in the early AM. Whether renting a kayak or canoe, or learning a new skill like sculling or sweep rowing! Come on down and see what we have to offer you or sign up for one of our classes.

Thompson Boat Center Calendar

Please check here for up-coming events effecting the boat house (regatta's, sports events, road closures, etc…) and the status of classes and programs








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